Saving Account

If your cash-on-hand is more than your routine consumption needs, ACB provides you the opportunity of putting it in a saving accounts and earning interest. ACB’s savings account enables you to set aside money for your long term goals, avoiding the temptation to use it on ordinary operating  expenses. Secure your future with our savings account.

Our savings account provides you with all the features of our checking account with an attractive profit rate to grow your savings.


  1. Opening accounts with minimum deposits
  2. Payment of interest on deposits every six months
  3. Transparent reporting of the terms and transactions
  4. Free money transferring facility to other ACB accounts
  5. Full assurance of the safety of deposits
  6. Fast transactions
  7. Use of bank checkbooks
  8. Convenient ATM facilities
  9. A distinctive characteristic of our savings accounts is that depositors can withdraw money in a certain number of courses in a month

Conditions of opening a savings account at Afghanistan Commercial Bank

  1. Depositors can make withdrawals from their accounts three times in a month
  2. Additional withdrawals are subject to an additional fee

Minimum amount for deposits

  1. For Afghani accounts: 5000 AFN
  2. For Dollar accounts: $100
  3. For Euro accounts: €100
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