Afghanistan Commercial bank call center is a value added service to its customers. This service will increase customer satisfaction and will provide several different value added services that will help customer get benefit out of this call center. There are several banks that have call center facility for their customers but the call center of ACB is different in terms of services, we provide different kinds of services, which are mentioned below.

This call center will have its operation 24/7 with three call center agents providing support on different timing shifts. Call center agents are well trained on providing quality service to the customers.  Only customers that are registered with call center and the account holder of ACB will be able to get benefit out of this call center facility.

Types of services

Balance enquiry

ACB customers will be able to call the call center and after providing the security code which will be provided to the customers during registration phase of the process, after the security code is confirmed, the system will automatically show the balance of the customer and the call center agent will tell the customer their account balance. Besides balance enquiry, the call center agent will register the customer with sms alert which will be sms banking. The customers will receive sms alert when they do transactions from the bank or over ATM or even from call center. They will receive an sms from call center that they have debited or credited the X amount of money to or from their account. This text will be available in 3 different language, Pashto, Dari, and English.

Airline Tickets Purchase

ACB has an agreement with one of the travel agents in the Kabul to provide tickets to our customers with lower price, through this service customers will be able to call the call center and after providing the security code, the call center will be able to provide the prices of tickets the customers will be willing to purchase, after the customers confirms the ticket purchase, the transaction will occur and the amount will be deducted from the account of customer and an sms will be sent to the customer along with ticket number and complete ticket information. The customer will be able to receive the ticket on their email if they wanted to.

Top up card Purchase

ACB signed an agreement with a top up service provider who will provide top up service through online portal. We have integrated our call center system with top up cards system and now our customers can call and purchase top up cards from call center where the amount of purchased top up will be deducted from the account of customer. This service is not only for the customer but for the family and friends of the customer too. Customer can call the call center and ask agent to send x amount of top up to the y telephone number. The amount deducted will be shown to the customer through a sms alert.

Account to Account Transfer

Most of the time our customers were dragged to the branches to perform the account to account transfer manually from the branches, but with the call center facility now our customers can call and transfer the x amount of money to another account which is in the same bank. The process requires a security code and will not be preformed unless the customer provides the correct security code. Customers will have to be sure about the transfer of the money and this action has a limit of amount transfer money. Only 30000 Afghani can be transferred for one call. This amount can be increased if the customer provides its consent on taking the risk of transfer money.

Currency Exchange Service

Customers can now call the call center and exchange the Afghani to USD and USD to Afghani currency. This process will be done with a security code provided by the bank to the customers. Customer will ask for the rate of currency exchange and the call center agent will provide the rate, after the rate is provided the customer will decide to either go for currency exchange or not. If he says he or she wants to exchange dollars to Afghanistan with X rate, the call center agent will perform the transfer from Afghani account to USD account and the customer will receive an sms on this action.

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